Bhuvika Indegenous Travel Clutch

January 15, 2019

Mash Accessories continues to attract us with its stunning range of bags and accessories. This article throws light on its Bhuvika Indegenous Travel Clutch.

A lovely amalgamation of style and comfort, Bhuvika Indegenous Travel Clutch is a must have in your wardrobes if you love travelling. Mash Accessories is excited to collaborate with Indegenious artist Zachary Bennett Brooke. His artwork and our designs is a total connection between Australian heritage and India artisan. 

The Design

Bhuvika Indegenous Travel Clutch is a vegan bag which has been fabricated from fabric. This bag is very stylish and can easily contain all your essentials easily. The travel clutch is designed in pink and white which denotes ancient traditions of society and gatherings. The different artwork on this bag depicts people and it showcases how every grouping of friends, family and people are interconnected in some or the other way.

The Comfort Factor

 Featuring a zipper closer and a magnetic flap closure, this bag ensures that all your belongings stay safe and secure. The top half of the bag is crafted from faux leather of premium quality which does not chip or get spoiled even after years of use. The cute little fringes added at the top add to its appeal factor. The travel clutch is spacious enough to contain your wallet, accessories and other travel essentials.

Peta Approved

There was no harm done to animals during the making of this bag and that is why we call it 100% vegan and Peta approved. Owning such a bag in your collection does not only showcase your love for animals but it also helps you contribute your bit for environment protection. Genuine leather bags pose a lot of harm and threat to animals for the extraction of leather. Our bags are vegan and fabricated from artificial products. These bags are peta approved and vegan.

So log on to to grab our latest collection of vegan and Peta approved bags. Raise not only your style quotient with our stunning range of bags but also clear your conscious knowing the fact that you are not using any products which cause harm to animals. Bhuvika Indegenous Travel Clutch is the best choice for your travel accessories, a bag you will always be thankful for as it has a lot of space for all your travel essentials and can be easily secured with a zipper!



About Us
When our passions, styles and names meshed, my sister and I became Mash Accessories: two creative fashionistas who care about all living creatures and beautiful things.

Mash is a portmanteau word of our names: Mansi and Shivani.

Combining and interweaving is kind of a thing here at Mash. Let me explain.

We're an Australian company with roots in South Asia, which we proudly feature in our vegan products.

How does Mash Accessories support others?

 Mash Accessories are migrants who wanted to create a bridge between their Indian culture and new Australian home. They’ve done this by supporting local Indigenous artists; paying them for and featuring their artwork. In addition, they support under privileged women in Hunar in India. These women are Mash Accessories  trained, equipped with machinery and employed so that they gain skills and make a living at the same time.

We also love to experiment with a mixture of textures and earth-inspired tones that turns heads and creates social engagement. We mix traditional craftsmanship with modern zing that appeals to a global market. We employee hard-working, skilled artisans in India who are proud to create a high-quality product.

Affordability is important to us.

We've made our collection of vegan accessories super affordable so every woman can carry their daily needs around in something that makes them look great while actively supporting a vegan lifestyle. 

What our customers say about Mash Accessories:

“Love it for its style and finish. Looks like high-end bag!” ~ Shipra Tewani

“Stunning designs! I love these bags, they are so beautiful. The quality is excellent too!” ~ Stephanie Pinto

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