12 Recycled Newspaper Coloured Pencils

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Product Description:

These pencils save trees. Just 2500 pencils save a 20-foot pine tree! Just imagine if all pencils were made this way!

Newspaper pencils are an environment-friendly and high-performance quality pencil that are made completely of used newspapers. By purchasing newspaper pencils you can contribute to the planet by stopping deforestation, mitigating global warming and encouraging the habit of reduce, reuse and recycle.

Schools play a crucial role in teaching children about the significance of sustainable living. A pencil is one item that is widely used in classrooms. By offering school kids with an environmentally friendly recycled newspaper pencil, we look to promote and inculcate a new habit of using sustainable goods.

Newspaper pencils are handcrafted with best practices and global norms follow their quality. The top ten reasons for giving your baby an eco-friendly newspaper pencil are as follows:

✏ Made from Newspaper
✏ 100% Eco Product
✏ Save Trees
✏ Extra dark Handwriting
✏ Stronger than wooden pencil
✏ Smooth handwriting
✏ Compared to traditional wood pencils, these pencils can give double life.
✏ Paper pencils are produced without joints with one piece of lengthy paper, thus providing powerful efficiency

 Our motto is to inform individuals, particularly kids, about the depleting natural resources and assist them along the road to sustainable growth. We are contributing a great deal to the planet by selecting products produced from recycled materials, protecting our natural resources, decreasing waste to landfill and ensuring a happy ecosystem.

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