Social Butterfly Collection - Fun, Frolic & Charismatic

Fun, Frolic and Charismatic defines our new collection - Social Butterfly . 

  Social Butterfly has handbags that add the right amount of glam to your looks . When it come to bags I believe in uniqueness of it. The practicality of using the bag. The fun element added to this collection with the Kiss , lipstick , the thread work . Its got the party bag and the backpacks - u name and we create it . We believe in customer satisfaction. 

 So all of you lovely ladies find your special bag and pamper yourself . 

About Us:
When our passions, styles and names meshed, my sister and I became Mash Accessories: two creative fashionistas who care about all living creatures and beautiful things.

Mash is a portmanteau word of our names: Mansi and Shivani.

Combining and interweaving is kind of a thing here at Mash. Let me explain.

We're an Australian company with roots in South Asia, which we proudly feature in our vegan products.

Our vegan-friendly purses, clutches, cross bodies and envelopes are a stylish combination of faux leather and organic cotton so there's zero harm to animals. We love that.

We also love to experiment with a mixture of textures and earth-inspired tones that turns heads and creates social engagement. We mix traditional craftsmanship with modern zing that appeals to a global market. We employee hard-working, skilled artisans in India who are proud to create a high-quality product.

Affordability is important to us.

We've made our collection of vegan accessories super affordable so every woman can carry their daily needs around in something that makes them look great while actively supporting a vegan lifestyle. 

What our customers say about Mash Accessories:

“Love it for its style and finish. Looks like high-end bag!” ~Shipra Tewani

“Stunning designs! I love these bags, they are so beautiful. The quality is excellent too!” ~ Stephanie Pinto

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